Anger Management

Work one-on-one with a trained mental health therapist in a confidential environment.

What is Anger Management?

The purpose of anger management counseling is meant to help reduce your emotional feelings of anger. This method does not remove the people and situations from your life that bring you rage, but rather helps control your reactions to those things. Anger is typically the result of some type of frustration, so with anger management the goal is to identify that factor and hopefully reduce the angry feelings that arise.

Do any of these sound like you?

Have you ever felt irritated, frustrated, and mad to the point where you feel like you are a volcano ready to erupt on someone or something?

Do you suffer from headaches, pressure in head, fatigue, tightening of the chest, or increased blood pressure?

If you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms you could be suffering from an anger management issue.

If you have thoughts of hurting someone or yourself, have trouble keeping your thoughts organized, or feeling overwhelmed you could be experiencing an anger disorder or another issue. Don’t allow these emotions to take over your life. Reach out to us so that we can help you take control of your life with Anger Management counseling.

Client Focus…

Anger Management

When things don’t go your way, such as your boss not wanting to implement an idea that you came up with or you are with a group of friends who want to go to dinner but don’t want to go to the restaurant that you suggest, that you get very upset.  You do things such as hit a wall, start snapping at people for no particular reason, or start throwing or breaking things.  We can help you come up with other appropriate and healthy ways to deal with anger.  Everyone gets angry, but we want to help you manage and express your anger in ways that doesn’t cause harm to you or damage relationships.

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